Captain Bill
Live Your Life...
Who is Captain Bill?

The Captain started out like all of us. He was tired and bored of city life, dealing with the same job, same people, and the same stupid sets of rules. His only escapes were his vacations to the sun on the hot, beachy islands. Armed with an icy-cold beverage and a steering wheel, he watched the tourists go by, ooing and ahhing, from the deck of his boat.

Eventually, the desire to lead a simpler life pulled him to his beloved place in the sun. He sold his urban possessions, bought a boat and sailed away from the "civilized" world. Now he spends his days chartering tourists, people like he used to be. He takes them to his favorite fishing and snorkeling spots, shows them those out-of-the-way places, and the his favorite places to get a drink or just relax. His island life inspires him to make clothes for every sunny day or summer occasion he takes part in.

Captain Bill sees his old self in his guests. He knows not everyone can do what he has done, but he imparts onto them a bit of his life for awhile. 

Join Captain Bill and share his Jimmy Buffet-like attitude.


Live Your Life

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