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I Hate the Cold

by Bill on 01/29/15

The winter is just starting and I need a break from the cold. Back up north visiting for a while and need to get my toes back in the sand and clear blue water. Getting ready to introduce some new shirts with billboard graphics on the back. The mere thought is making me warmer, or it maybe the rum! Cheers from the Captain!

Comments (5)

1. Chris said on 1/31/15 - 03:21PM
T-2 months to Mexico. The rum will carry us until then....
2. Capt. Bill said on 1/31/15 - 03:40PM
Rum next week when visiting over and at the islands. When I see you in Mexico lots of Tequila and señoritas, or is it margaritas and señoritas?
3. Mike said on 2/5/15 - 10:20AM
can't wait for the summer. Down the shore
4. Bill said on 2/5/15 - 04:51PM
It's coming soon. Nothing like sand between the toes. Why does beer always taste better on the beach?
5. Kevin said on 3/3/15 - 06:16PM
How long is this going to go on. I need to get on the water. Cigars are better outside.

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