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Captain's Blog

Rest Stops

by Bill on 06/26/14

I celebrated one of those pleasant milestones in life this month. I had friends and family over to join in. I enjoy those moments in life when I can stop, look back, and take pleasure in an achievement. It's even better when others are excited about it too. These stops are like the comms in life. Pause, take a moment to look back, maybe rest, and then weigh anchor and move on to the next goal. It may not always be a new journey, but definately a continuation. Cheers!


by Bill on 05/09/14

Had the boat hauled for some spring cleaning. After what seemed like months it was back in the blue. Found some crew and went out last night. Perfect temperature, nice breeze and cold beer made for a relaxing evening. I like the sound of the wind whistling through my open beer bottle. The boat keeling to a sudden gust brings a smile to my face. Spring is finally here.


by Bill on 04/09/14

My sons had me dust off the frustrating clubs over the weekend. Time for a round of eighteen. It was Mark Twain I believe who said that golf is a nice walk ruined. Thankfully now we have little electric carts. Even though both of them easily whipped their elder it was great to be out with them. Memories are embellished with age. Looking back how I tortured my father brings back memories of happy times. I hope I gave them things to smile about in the future. I still would rather getting clobbered outside at golf, than beaten inside at a game console. Life is not static but fluid, doing not having is the essence of life. Live your life!

Fish Tacos

by Bill on 03/19/14

Your Captain had some fish tacos tonight. Always good to have a little Mexican food weekly. Drifted back to Tabasco's on the beach. I really miss a bucket of ice cold beer, trio of fish tacos and the friendly waiters who don't make fun of my Spanish (at least to my face). Toes in the sand, cold beer and spicy sauce, then off, with my feet in the surf, down the beach towards town to find the mango lady. Pure paradise.

Cigars at Night

by Bill on 03/13/14

I was fortunate the other night to have some family over. Had a little bonfire burning to clean the beach of driftwood and to warm the chill of the evening. There was a glass in my left hand, my dominant hand though held a nice corona. Sharing a cigar with friends and family is very social for me. It allows me to formulate my thoughts and even slow down a little more if that is possible. Having a cigar and discussing matters we care about is very civilized. It gives one time to think and ponder. It is one of those stops in life that gives me time to be thankful and think ahead. To paraphrase someone smarter than me "the spark at the end of a cigar symbolizes the spark of thought in his (or her) mind. The smoking lamp is lit.